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  • Services and Products

    Integrated Service Provider of Family Wealth Management System Solutions

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    Beijing Family Office:Building 3, East Gate, North Xiaohe Park, Wangjing West Road, Chaoyang District, Tel.: 86-010-87403035

    Hangzhou Family Office:No.919, South Gate, Building 4, Zhejiang Fortune & Finance Center, Gudun Road No.83, Xihu District, Tel.: 86-0571-87759240

    Zhengzhou Family Office: Room 1902, Millennium Royal Plaza, Commercial Inner Ring Road, CBD, New District, Zhengzhou, Tel.: 86-0371-61773051

    Chengdu Family Office:Huashang Financial Center 32, North Second Jiaozi Road, Gaoxin District, Tel.: 13008128163

    Shanghai Family Office:Oriental City Building 5F, Pudong Avenue No.1868, Pudong New District, Shanghai, Tel.: 86-021-60758533


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